Blog: A day in the life of the BSW Incident Control Centre (ICC)

Communications and Engagement Officer Helen Robertson has been working in the BSW Incident Control Centre (ICC) since it came together. Watch and listen to her insightful blog about what happens, who is there and what exactly the ICC is doing as it reacts to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Blog from the ICC from Helen Robertson, Communications and Engagement Officer.

24 March 2020

Hi this is Helen and I’m working in the BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire ICB’s Incident Control Centre. We’re based in Devizes at the moment but we’re working really quickly to become a virtual team. 

In the Incident Control Team you’ll find the Incident Director, an Operations Manager, Team Support and me, I’m here working on Communications. We’re working eight in the morning until eight at night and our main focus is to coordinate the health response to the pandemic across our region. We’ve got to make sure we’re still delivering the best care possible for our people and communities in these really challenging times. 

Of course we can’t do this alone, we’re working with our partners and the local authorities, with healthcare providers like VirginCare and Wiltshire Health and Care, care homes – all those vital pieces that make up the health sector in our region. We’re also working really closely with GPs. For then, this is a really quickly changing landscape and they need things like IT solutions so that they can work from home and carry out video consultations. While routine work has pretty much ceased for them, they’re still needing to see patients who are unwell with things other than coronavirus and we’ve got to make sure that they’re still delivering great care and support for people who need us.

We’re working at a really local level where we can, supporting vulnerable people in BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire and one of the big tasks at the moment is to support our hospitals in the region to discharge as many patients as they can, back into community care so that they free up capacity in the hospitals. This is a really complex piece of work and we’re really aware that each patient has their own needs and priorities and we’re just working as hard as we can to make sure everyone is cared for in the most appropriate way in the community.

That’s a bit of a snapshot of the ICC, from us here, please please follow the advice you’ve been given. Please stay at home, look after yourselves, look after vulnerable people where you can and stay safe. The NHS is working really hard for you and we just really encourage you to do your bit as well. Thank you.