Guidance, reports and forms can be found below our lead's contact details. Documents relating to B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire can be found in the locality specific folders. All national or regional documents are below these folders.

  • Child safeguarding
    • BaNES child safeguarding
    • Swindon child safeguarding

BSW ICB Child Safeguarding Leads

Bath and North East Somerset:

Jackie Mathers - Designated Safeguarding lead 

Donna Redman - ICB Named Child Safeguarding GP

Samantha O'Malley - Specialist Nurse Safeguarding

Dr Fiona Finlay - Designated Doctor 

Naomi Black - Designated Nurse, Children Looked After 

Anne Hodgkins -  Safeguarding Administrator  

BaNES Safeguarding Team contact:



Robert Mills - Designated Nurse for Safeguarding  

Dr Michelle Sharma - Named GP Safeguarding  

Anne Gray - Designated Nurse for Children Looked After  

Helen Rollins - Safeguarding Administrator 

Swindon Safeguarding Team contact:



Jane Murray - Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children 

Dr Helen Osborn - ICB Named Safeguarding GP  

Dr Fiona Finlay - Designated Doctor  

Naomi Black - Designated Nurse, Children Looked After 

Harjit Mclean - Specialist Safeguarding Nurse 

Divya Surendran - Specialist Safeguarding Nurse 

Wiltshire Safeguarding Team contact:

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