Help and support for home oxygen service users

We know that the cost of energy is increasing and want to reassure you that the rate at which electricity refunds are paid by the NHS have increased, from 1 October 2022 to 0.34ppkwh to cover the additional costs of running your concentrator.  It is very important to continue to use your concentrator, as advised by your Health Care Professional.

If you have a static or transportable concentrator, you should contact your electricity provider to explain that you are a patient on home oxygen and require electricity for your medical equipment to operate. Your electricity provider may be able to place you on a Priority Services Register and offer additional help and support.


Further advice

Western Power look after the safe delivery of electricity through the electricity network in South Wales and the South-West. Sign up to the Priority Services Register

Ofgem have advice on how to get help from your supplier 

Air Liquide have specific advice about Home Oxygen Service support 

Get help with living costs from your local council