What are we doing?

Making sure people are cared for in the most appropriate environment, as well as the one that is most responsive to their individual needs, is key to a person's overall health and wellbeing, and the reason why a new BSW-wide admission and discharge framework is being introduced.

This new tool, which is built on existing best practice, will support frontline teams to take positive risks that will ultimately uphold patients’ preferences and interests, while avoiding the risk of in-hospital deconditioning.

Our approach is deliberately forward-thinking, and has been designed in a way that will not only enhance patient care, but also attempt to ease pressure on hard-working teams.

It recognises the future landscape of a frail and ageing population and the challenges this brings, as well as the importance of shared decision-making.


Why are we doing this?

Covid-19 has inspired different ways of working, with increased collaboration to provide high quality care for our patients.

We want to ensure that, as we emerge from the pandemic, we take forward all lessons learned, and apply this knowledge to help reduce avoidable harm for people who are in acute hospitals waiting for discharge, as well as those in the community waiting for urgent acute care, especially patients who may be frail, vulnerable or nearing the end of their life.


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