Covid-19 information and updates

Below you will find links to regularly updated information about the number of cases of Covid-19 in Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire as well as information about the Covid-19 vaccination programme. In particular, there are a set of questions-and-answers (Q&As) that we are updating all the time, so do check here for an answer if you have a query.

This page also has general information and links to other websites for guidance and support during the pandemic.

Covid Vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination FAQs can be found on the NHS website. For information specific to BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire and answers…

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long covid

Long Covid

What is Long Covid? Covid disease is an infection caused by a coronavirus. Long Covid is a term to describe…

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information on tablet

Covid-19 information resources

For the latest information and advice, visit Public Health England’s website.  Information about Covid-19 symptoms, how to help stop the spread…

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more local people to be invited

Q&As for health and social care staff

People who have direct contact with patients, clients or service users at higher risk from coronavirus (Covid-19) are eligible frontline…

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Advice for shielded patients

Since January 2021, cases of Covid-19 have fallen significantly across the country, reducing the risk of catching the virus for…

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share information

Information for communities

We will keep this page up to date with links to resources – videos, leaflets and graphics – that different…

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frequently asked questions

LIVE: FAQs about Salisbury City Hall

Watch this walk-through video of what to expect when you go to Salisbury City Hall for a Covid-19 vaccination: Can…

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frequently asked questions

LIVE: FAQs about Bath Racecourse

Updated: 16 December 2021 Watch our walk-through video of what to expect when you go to Bath Racecourse for a…

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wash hands

Covid-19 case numbers

Covid-19 case numbers This data will be updated weekly. Please note that the data we publish has a timelag so…

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