Thanks given to dedicated NHS mums working tirelessly during extremely busy Mother’s Day weekend

Mums working in the NHS across Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire have been thanked for giving up time with their families to help others during what is expected to be an extremely busy Mother’s Day weekend.  

Local hospital teams, GP practice staff, ambulance crews and out-of-hours clinicians are currently working against a backdrop of significant pressure and are expecting the situation to intensify over the weekend.

People are being asked to show their support for these already-stretched staff, many of whom will be missing out on time spent with loved-ones this weekend, by only using health and care services when absolutely necessary.

Dr Andrew Girdher, Clinical Chair, said: “Despite the unusually mild weather, the NHS in our region remains under enormous pressure.

“High numbers of people are still testing positive for Covid-19, which is having a knock-on effect across all local health and care services, with teams seeing more people coming through their doors in need of urgent and emergency care.

“On top of this, people are still having injuries and still falling ill with other health conditions, all of which need to be cared for with the same urgency that is given to those with coronavirus.

“This Mother’s Day weekend, while we thank those NHS mums who are away from their loved-ones, we ask that people play their part in doing whatever they can to ease the pressure our hard-working staff are currently feeling.”

Over the last few days, health and care settings in the local area have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people coming forward for urgent and emergency care.

The sudden rise in demand has led to some patients, many of whom are very poorly, waiting longer than usual for care, be it from a hospital emergency department, a GP practice or an out-of-hours setting.

At this current time, people are being asked to think extra carefully about whether their health concern requires genuine medical intervention, or whether the problem can be treated safely at home.

Many illnesses and injuries, including cuts and scrapes, upset stomachs and coughs and colds, can be managed effectively away from a hospital or GP practice through self-care, or with advice sought from a local pharmacist.

The NHS 111 service, which is available online at and over the phone by calling 111, is also able to provide quick advice and guidance, specific to a person’s individual symptoms.

Where necessary, it can also direct people to an appropriate healthcare setting, should their condition require the help of a medical professional.

For more information about local health services, including details of how to access care at the weekend, visit