COVID-19 update: 11 March 2020

Coronavirus continues to be a rapidly developing situation and today we have declared it to be an internal system-wide critical incident.  This means we are now mobilising our incident control centre (ICC) for BSW ICBs.  

Our ICC will be based at Southgate House, Devizes and is now in the process of being set up in the former ‘Winter Room’. An on-call rota of directors is being established to lead the ICC with emergency planning guidance and coordination provided by Louise Cadle with support from Julie-Anne Wales.  

How can you help? 

In addition to the general public health advice around personal hygiene, please note:

We may be in contact with colleagues to assist with providing a range of support to the ICC team, for example to assist with expert advice and providing administrative support

  • We are not yet at the stage where we may need to start cancelling meetings to avoid the potential spread of the virus, however we should all begin to consider if meetings scheduled for this month can be postponed in order to help release colleague capacity to prioritise our response to coronavirus
  • We may seek volunteers to take on temporary different roles to support with our incident response. You may be contacted individually by your line-manager about this or as a request to all colleagues via our internal comms channels
  • Be understanding that some less time-sensitive work may need to be put on hold while colleagues respond to more pressing matters
  • Continue to take your laptop home at the end of each day if you have one in case you need to work from home
  • Make sure you have mechanisms in place to keep in contact with your line-manager and team if you need to work from home 
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell

Colleagues who have specific queries relating to providers or commissioners should send an email to