Patient Initiated Digital Mutual Aid System (PIDMAS)

Have you been contacted to invite you to consider moving to a new hospital to receive earlier care or treatment?

In England NHS patients have the right to request to move to a different hospital to receive their care/treatment if they have been waiting longer than 18 weeks.

As the NHS continues to recover from the covid pandemic we are initially contacting all patients who have been waiting over 40 weeks and inviting them to be considered to move hospital to receive earlier care/treatment.

If you have been identified as a patient who has been waiting over this period of time, you will be contacted by your current Hospital to ask if you wish to be considered to move hospital.

If you are contacted and you decide to take part, your request will be reviewed by your current hospital and the next step will be communicated to you.

Many patients may be deemed clinically appropriate to move provider however in not all circumstances will we be able to identify alternative capacity to facilitate a move.